Emergency Response

A public health emergency could be anything from a pandemic or disease outbreak, to an act of terrorism, or a natural disaster like a flood, wildfire, or tornado.

The North Central District Health Department’s (NCDHD) Emergency Response program plays a key role in preparing our communities for disasters, responding when emergencies occur, and lending support through the recovery process. We work with local government, emergency management, hospitals, nursing facilities, and other private agencies to help the region prepare and respond to all types of disasters.

NCDHD accomplishes emergency preparedness by planning, developing, implementing, and coordinating plans and exercises. We work to create disaster plans specific to responding to a public health disaster. In a disaster, NCDHD coordinates the health related services and can also help in providing shelter to those affected by a disaster.

NCDHD also works closely with Nebraska’s Rural Region One Medical Response System (RROMRS).  RROMRS is a Medical Response System (MRS) region located in North Central and Northeast Nebraska.  The MRS was created to further improve the quality of the State of Nebraska’s ability to respond to public health situations that involve large numbers of people and/or a disruption of services.

For upcoming preparedness events and exercises, check out the NCDHD calendar.

Flood Resources

NCDHD has put together several resources from the 2019 flooding.  Learn more here.

Are you prepared?

We have information to help you recover from a disaster.

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Emergency Kit 
Printable 5 month emergency supplies calendar to help you prepare for emergencies before they happen!

Emergency Management Contacts

Doug Fox
Region 24 Emergency Manager (Cherry, Boyd, Brown, Keya Paha & Rock counties)
402-684-2424: Bassett office
402-376-2420: Valentine office

Deb Hilker
Holt County Emergency Manager


Laura Hintz
Knox County Emergency Manager


Bobbi Risor
Region 11 Emergency Manager (Antelope & Pierce counties)


Emergency Response/Preparedness Links

Medical Reserve Corps
CDC: Emergency Preparedness and Response Training Resources
Nebraska Emergency Management Agency
Nebraska DHHS Emergency Preparedness:  Ready to Respond
Health Alert Network
Public Health Emergency: The Emergency System for Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals
Ready.gov: Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.
Flu.gov: Know what to do about the flu.
The Center for Preparedness Education

American Red Cross

For more information, contact Heidi Hostert, Emergency Response Coordinator at 402-336-2406 x211 or heidi@ncdhd.ne.gov.

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Last updated 08/12/2019